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4 years old



Tobie has really come a long way in the 12 months he has been riding! Tobie’s bike is everything to him. when he’s riding, nothing else in life matters. it’s just tobie and his bike. the love for bmxing is so vibrant anyone who watches him zoom around can’t help but smile. tobie is generally a very reserved kid and approaches new things with caution. regardless of this though, he is very brave and when he accomplishes something new, the pride and excitement is priceless. tobie has also recently shown interest in skateboarding again! when he is chilling at home or at the skatepark, we often watch him play around on his board. he is currently practicing to push, roll, drop in and kickturn! we can’t wait to see tobie’s progress on both his board and bike!

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8 years old

Lachlan Murdoch aka Lachdog137 is accustomed to being out front, and pushing the limits. He is a young athlete, A role model to kids of every age, and a threat to anyone he lines up against, his popularity has exploded. He’s currently one of South Australia's up & coming motocross star athletes. A natural in front of the camera as he is on the bike, Lachlan will only get better as time goes on. 

His father Shaun Murdoch, a motocross enthusiast, encouraged him to follow his passion and utilize his talent for the sport.
Together, they make a great team, Lachlan's consistent riding style & natural ability combined with  work ethic makes him a top 5 competitor in South Australia.

Lachlan Murdoch is positioned to become an up & coming motorsports marketing sensation.
Lachlan is building a social media following that is formidable, stay tuned for new videos , prizes and a whole lot of dirt action 



2 years old


Bankz loves anything with wheels!
He’s been on a skateboard since he was 4mths old (sitting) and riding one since he was 8mths old, his favourite thing currently is dropping in solo and doing a rock to fakie.
Bankz learnt to ride his balance bike at 14mths old and a pedal bike recently. He loves riding the pump track and down the inclines at the skatepark.
Bankz recently got his first motorbike (an electric version) and is already ripping about.

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6 years old
Arlo has been on two wheels since before he could even walk, with his Papa who is French, also passionate about riding - mostly MTB - his parents thought he may go down the same track, though Arlo's passion lies with BMX,. He lives and breaths it spending every possible second he can riding - he can ride all day and it’s still not enough! Arlo has been on a BMX since he was about 3 and is quickly progressing with his passion through continuous practice and dedication. Arlo is not a fearless boy as such, as his approach to riding is more methodical and cautious and he will practice until he perfects something. Arlo spends a lot of time at the skatepark with his Mum and has coaching once a week with a boy named Brodie who is patient and supportive and is someone Arlo really admires. We will continue to support Arlo on his BMX path for as long as his passion and love for it is there.

Check out Arlo's insta here!




1 year old


Evie is a tiny little pocket rocket who started skateboarding when she was 16 month old!

She has been hanging out at the skatepark since she was born, watching her Dad, Mum and brother skate... It was only a matter of time before she started too! As soon as she started walking, she started rolling. She honestly just couldn't wait! And she has been killing it ever since! 

In the short 6 months that she has been skating, Evie can balance and roll down banks by herself!

Follow Evie's progress on her Insta!

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